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Our Services

Frontline provides professional security services to federal government and commercial organizations. Our company was founded on the core value of ‘Superior Performance’. We maintain our standard of service by hiring the most qualified and dedicated staff members, by maintaining open and informed relationships with our clients and by challenging ourselves to remain proactive and innovative. We make sure that our service always aligns expressly with our clients needs.

Armed and Unarmed Officers

Frontline maintains clear and open dialogue with our clients before we deploy armed officers to their job. Options for unarmed or armed personnel are always available. Our officers participate in rigorous training that equips them for the job both mentally and physically. Our security professionals receive the required certifications and security clearances that are mandated by the security industry and clients.


Quality Assurance Assessments

Frontline is a hands-on organization with a first-rate track record. Our principal goal is to provide exceptional service that is in line with our clients’ needs. In order to maintain our commitment to superior field performance, we perform regular quality and compliance assessments with our security personnel. These routine evaluations helps our service remain responsive.


Vulnerability Analysis and Mitigation Strategies

Frontline’s approach minimizes any possible liabilities both in the field and at our clients’ places of business. We conduct exhaustive vulnerability assessments in order to identify security risks. We collaborate with our clients to develop a mitigation strategy that reduces their security risk without disrupting their business.

Temporary Security Services

Frontline provides short-term and special-occasion security services for: government officials, children, or the elderly. Our services can also be outfitted to provide security for building spaces like: hotels, churches, shopping centers and hospitals. Our security officers can be armed or unarmed as the situation demands. There is no limit or minimum to the length of time we provide our service. We are here to ensure your peace of mind.


Escorting Services

Here at Frontline we provide our clients with the highest caliber of security escorts. We secure the area and protect our target so that uncleared visitors can move about an open space. Our service minimizes the risk of potential security breaches and deters any threat.

Our Services List

  • - Armed and Unarmed Security
  • - Professional Training
  • - Quality Assurance and Compliance
  • - Vulnerability Analysis
  • - Mitigation Strategies
  • - Temporary Security Services
  • - Escort Services

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